1. frozenmusings:

    Routine - Kristoff
    Even modern!AU Kristoff doesn’t believe in razors. A good ol’ hunting knife does the trick just fine. Works great when his hair gets too long as well, though he can never seem to get it even.

    If anything looks off, I drew this at 4am and my eyes were probably fucked. XD

  2. redgart:

    Finally done, the Hottie of this Week is….. KRISTOFF from Frozen

    Thanks to the anonymous messages for the idea, I wanted to draw this character so badly and this was the perfect excuse :D

    Remember that YOU GUYS choose the next hottie of the week, ok?, it could be any character, ANYONE.
    So let me know ok?

    Art by me: RED

  3. bast-erotic-lounge:

    "Dreaming of You" (2014) - Part 2/2

    Freaking PROUD of this one.

    The faces came out beautifully, the light was also a nice touch :>

    All of the studies came out rather nicely, but Hans just looks stunning on these (it’s very rare to see me bragging about my work, after a couple of days i hate everything, but not today!….i hope.). Aaaand this is the only page that actually makes justice to the theme, ahahahah <3

    Oh, about that, you can go two ways:

    OR you imagine Hans, travelling on his ship, and missing his lovely wife very much…

    OR you can go the sad path and this is him reflecting on how much his douchery affected his love-life. You could have had it all, man.

    I’ll go with the first one, of course, my sweet babies ~~~~<3

    No clothes were included so you may apply this to any AU you want. I’d go with Frozen!Verse, but hey, your mind is your castle ;>

    Now, it’s time to say "See you later, aligator!"

    Time to pack some stuff (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜

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  4. aru6541nsfw:

    Original sketch by because-b

    & coloured by Aru6541NSFW

    I took a wild guess and presumed that Tu is cut, although I prefer uncut guys more. 4 more pics of LOK to go, hopefully I’ll be able to post all them before the Book 4 premier in October. Thanks to because-b for giving me permission to colour in his sketches!

    If anybody is interested I’m open for commissions, just shoot me a quick message here and I will reply, thanks again! :)

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  7. musclesart:

    John Pruitt

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  9. mattadoresit:

    John Pruitt

  11. hylmannn:

    John Pruitt for Colt

  13. muscle-addicted:

    John Pruitt

  14. saubere-haut:

    Jim Yount (Pseudonym John Pruitt)

  15. musclebigrigs:

    BigRig John